Rarely has a business signified

Such hope for all RACE (Recycling and Circular Economy)

RACE Eco chain is involved in aggregation of plastic waste and production of recycled products investing in an idea whose time has come. We have Sustainable Plastic Waste Management Project Plan, Plastic Recycling and Sustainability Plan.

Plastic Waste Management Project

Recurring Waste Services

We are RACE having Plastic Waste Management Project - An environmentally conscious initiative with a mission to reduce the carbon footprint caused by waste plastic.

On-Demand Collection

Our set up is responsible from the collection & audit of the 'waste' to the end product using AI & establishing networks.

Sustainable Plastic Waste Management Plan

Sustainability Programs

Sustainable Plastic Waste Management Plan - RACE has built an Artificial Intelligence enabled app, using block chain for secure transactions to connect buyers and sellers.

Plastic Recycling and Sustainability

Global Recycle Standards

Plastic Recycling and Sustainability - Recycled products processed at our GRS certified units come with the Traceable circle of trust, a first time ever!


Generating Revenue From Scrap

And onto the FUTURE

Welcome To RACE

And the idea is catching… other countries are inviting us to create a similar infrastructure there. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sustainable Plastic Waste Management Project Plan, Plastic Recycling and Sustainability. RACE is a concept, that begins with Organizing the Disorganized sector collecting & feeding the recycling industry. It has also started creating a niche line of products made from recycled plastic of the highest quality, promoting sustainability and providing e2e traceability. Products marketed through RACE are generating huge business interests both in India and internationally with the most environmentally conscious companies.

With a dedicated team of experienced people, we are already working on orders from three different global companies. Our displayed products in expositions have already created a 'Pull Demand' and our participation has yielded several prospective clients who want to associate with us through mutually gainful contracts

Mission Statement:
To run a Carbon Neutral operation promoting the Circular Economy. From collection of plastic waste, in a digitized network to ascertain Traceability; to processing into Recycled fabrics to brighten the world you live & love in. To create growth for all stakeholders while establishing the basis for a better Earth; cleaning it one bit of plastic at a time.

We welcome forward looking organisations to this network

while converting the unorganised market into an organised whole

More Sustainable Dream

Our 3 Businesses Verticals

Our founding team has experience of over 150 years in the business of waste management, recycling, etc.
Our extensive network of dealer, aggregators and recyclers are located countrywide.

The Road ahead for RACE